Want to Sell Your Home?

Take 5 minutes and 31 seconds to learn the 3-Critical Steps to getting your home SOLD.

I’m Glenn Heslop and for most of the past 2-decades, I have been working with homes, building homes, renovating & flipping homes, investing in homes & as a realtor.  



Before anything else, to be successful in selling your home, you MUST prepare your home to sell. How do you do that? 

Here are the 3-steps to preparing your house for selling success:

  1. Get rid of all the extra stuff!

Decluttering.  We ALL live with more stuff than we should have around when we are selling.  

Remember walking through a showhome?  Notice that it’s fully furnished but not full to the brim.  

The kitchen counters & bathroom vanities are clear or almost clear and only the necessities are out (Yeah, the coffee maker is a NECESSITY!). 

What furniture can you live without? Can you replace that giant sectional sofa with a smaller one?  Maybe get rid of the second dresser in a bedroom?

Either get a storage locker or (second best) neatly stash stuff on one side of your garage.

If you have decorations or ornaments out keep them to a minimum! I would put one on on a table not 6.

I remember a house that had been on the market with another agent for 90-days and had NO offers.  I gave them a list of ways to get their home ready to sell. It took them a month to complete but then the property sold in 1 day!

  1. Minor Repairs.

It’s often wise to not take on any major projects here but are there dings and scratches that could be fixed without spending big? A $40 pail of paint can make a big difference! 

I remember one house that had the basement development 90% done but needed trim and the painting done & some flooring. They were not going to get their money’s worth for that basement because it looked like it wasn’t finished. 

If painting, choose more neutral colours. 

I wouldn't start major projects (basement development, kitchen replacement, etc.), unless there is a serious issue with the current situation.

  1. Clean & Stage.

Your house should be scrubbed spotless. Nothing shows worse than a dirty or smelly house! When I was flipping houses, I would specifically look for smelly houses to buy as I knew they would sell for much less!

This includes the yard!  Remove ALL clutter, mow and trim and make it look as park-like as possible. 

Staging (you’ve probably heard realtors throw this term around) is simply using furniture and decorations to best show off the house. This can involve moving furniture, art, and decorations, to best show off your home’s layout and features.  

#2. Price 2-Sell. 

Step #1 is actually the most work, but Step #2 is undoubtedly the hardest for most of us. 

We love our homes and we are very emotionally connected to them. We often need the help of someone who is objective to help us price them at what they are really worth compared to other homes in our area.

Often people think that they should price their home higher than it’s true value to leave a lot of negotiating room. The truth is they end up scaring off a lot of buyers that just never come to see the home.

I remember one example where they took this to the opposite extreme. I was touring a kind of rough property in North East Calgary in the area of Pineridge with an investor client. The home seemed unbelievable attractive in price. We toured the property and when we went to write an offer we found that there were dozens of other offers already written on the property. It ended up selling for around $70,000 over their list price. They got all this traffic and interest because they price it attractively. Now we all want to get the most money for our homes and the best way to do that is to price it competitively to get as many potential buyers in the door as possible.


#3. Market 2-Sell.

If your home is prepared to sell, priced to sell but no-body knows about it, it's not going to sell!

Even if you are listing with an agent, if they are just parking it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service of your local Real Estate Board) and sitting and waiting for something to happen, it's probably not going to happen.

Your agent should be doing two basic things:

Your agent should be seriously promoting your home online & with social media. 

Social media posts

    1. Video tour
    2. Super amazing photos
    3. Online and web advertising

It might be even more important that your agent is super-active in a marketing program to attract buyers. This might sound weird, but the highest likelihood your agent has in finding a buyer for your home is that they are attracting buyer-clients in your area & bring them to your home.


Those are the three steps!  Contact me for more info on getting your home sold!


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